Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Sides

I recognize that I have a strong personality that sometimes can overwhelm a room. I've had to learn (and still continue to do so) to be part of the conversation in a room without having to dominate the entire dialogue. Faithful, caring mentors, good friends, and a loving wife have helped me to see how to intently invest in other people without overpowering everyone. It's the difference in being a pleasant aroma that quietly permeates a room versus being a 16 pound bowling ball that gets everyone's attention by slamming into the walls and furniture. Both will have an impact on everyone in the room, but one will be warmly welcomed while the other only hurts.

Are we cognizant of the positive and negative potential of our own personality? Will we give caring people the freedom to hold us accountable for how we leverage who we are? Are we willing to make the tough personal adjustments to be a more positive influence or are we comfortable with being a leadership bully? It's not that we have to stop being who we are, but that we learn how to lead without dominating the entire conversation around us.

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