Tuesday, February 7, 2017


"With all I am, in Your grace I stand." lyric from Love on the Line, by Hillsong Worship

All the pieces of my life, 
every decision I have made, 
everything that has been done to me and 
everything I’ve done to others. 

My hopes and aspirations, 
my failures and successes
when I felt good about myself and when I am consumed with self-loathing. 

The times I have overcome my mistakes and 
the (many) times I have repeated them. 
My insecurities, my pride, my fluctuating ego, my confidence, and my weaknesses. 

What I can do, what I can't do and 
the line that is sometimes blurred between them. 
My love for those close to me and 
my deep compassion for others traveling this journey around me. 

This is all of who I am and 
all of it is able to stand in the grace God offers me. 

This is a big, bold, stable grace 
that gives me strength to be upright when I don’t think I can stand anymore. 

It is this generous gift from God that envelops me and reminds me I am loved.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Preparation Matters

Getting ready to play a baseball game takes more preparation than you might think. Not only do the players have to go through their routines of warming up, but the playing field has to be readied as well. There are several hours of work that are necessary before the first pitch. You couldn't just decide you wanted to play a game, ignore the steps to get ready, and expect things to turn out well.

I think we forget about the need for preparation when we want to do something big in our lives. Our desire for something new or better serves as motivation for better decisions, but we falsely expect to see immediate results. Changing our physical health involves a plan for better eating and exercise. Improving our family relationships means taking the time to listen to each other, apologizing for the past, and honestly engaging each day. Taking the next step professionally means we have to excel at our current position while taking steps to improve ourselves and connect with other people. Being a vital part of our community involves ongoing honest dialogue and a willingness to enter into life with people in tangible ways.

What steps do you need to take to get ready for what's next in your own life? Commit to the necessary work of preparation as part of the path of growth and change.