Tuesday, February 7, 2017


"With all I am, in Your grace I stand." lyric from Love on the Line, by Hillsong Worship

All the pieces of my life, 
every decision I have made, 
everything that has been done to me and 
everything I’ve done to others. 

My hopes and aspirations, 
my failures and successes
when I felt good about myself and when I am consumed with self-loathing. 

The times I have overcome my mistakes and 
the (many) times I have repeated them. 
My insecurities, my pride, my fluctuating ego, my confidence, and my weaknesses. 

What I can do, what I can't do and 
the line that is sometimes blurred between them. 
My love for those close to me and 
my deep compassion for others traveling this journey around me. 

This is all of who I am and 
all of it is able to stand in the grace God offers me. 

This is a big, bold, stable grace 
that gives me strength to be upright when I don’t think I can stand anymore. 

It is this generous gift from God that envelops me and reminds me I am loved.

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