Monday, July 21, 2014

Living in Regret

There are many decisions in my own life that I regret. There are thoughts I have meditated on, words that I have spoken in haste, and behaviors I have chosen that I wish I could take back. My life's path is littered with the debris from immature decision making.

If it was possible to go back in time and correct these decisions, I would do it. I recognize that I could be in a much better spiritual, physical, and emotional state if I had avoided many earlier poor choices. I could be farther along in my own maturity. I could be in a more stable financial state. I could be a better husband, father, Christ-follower, and leader if I hadn't made so many other poor decisions. 

The reality is that I can't change any of those past choices. I can't erase them from the sum of my life's history and I am unable to remove the damage I have done to those around me. I have the option of being frustrated by this and lamenting what "could be" if I had lived differently. The better option is for me to recognize that this is where I am by God's generous love alone. Instead of living in anxiety over those life choices I will choose to move forward in humble acceptance of God's wonderful grace. 

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