Friday, July 18, 2014

Sneak Peek

Have you ever purchased something online and been disappointed in the product once you had it in your hands? Or maybe you went to a new restaurant that friends had raved about only to be let down by what you ended up eating. Perhaps it was an experience somewhere that left you feeling shortchanged. After each of these you might be asking the question, "Is this really it?"

I can't seem to shake the urging of my soul that call for something more. This isn't a new thing for me, but it is something that continues to pull at my spirit. I continue to catch glimpses of something that is more glorious than just this simple, present moment. They are sometimes fleeting, but they are real and true at the same time. I recognize that this is part of God's grand story and that He wants me to see how all of my life (and others) fit into the tale He is weaving around us.

It's that understanding that brings great satisfaction in personal interactions, the power of spoken word, and the beautiful resolution found in music. All of these seemingly small pieces are pointing to our one true God and the massive tapestry of grace and love that we are part of creating. It is the confident comfort in this bigger story that fuels our desire to seek out depth in our relationship with Christ. This allows us to see how our present circumstances are a powerful part of something larger than even we can imagine. It's the sneak peek of something magnificent that inspires us to search out grander visions than just our own.

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