Sunday, July 6, 2014

One Direction

Knowing what direction to move in isn't always easy. We often make it more difficult than it should be because we rely entirely on ourselves instead of seeking God's wisdom. Humbling ourselves enough to hear what God has to say-even if it's painfully difficult-is the only way we can be assured of heading down the right path. When we have reached a point of exhausted desperation we have finally begun to open ourselves up to God's leading and perfect plan for our lives. Beginning with a simple prayer of submission, listening intently to where God directs us, and then being obedient to what He asks is the way to finding our true direction.

Father, I am tired of struggling to do things my way.
I am desperate for direction from You.
I want to follow Your lead for my life.
You know my heart and my desires.
Keep me in constant unity with Your Holy Spirit.
I trust You with my past, present, and future.
Reveal to me my next step.
Give me faith to trust You as I step forward.

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