Saturday, July 5, 2014

Not Traveling Alone

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I have arrived where I am today. I used to say that I was a self-made man, one who had endured tough trials and managed to find success because of my personal drive and will. In retrospect, (and after having several helpings of humble pie) I gladly recognize that there is no way that could be a possibility if I am willing to be honest. If my current status was just the result of my personal supply of willpower, ambition, and focus, I would be very limited in my personal development and overall health. Instead, I am grateful to acknowledge the direct and indirect contribution of thousands of people to my journey.

I see the impact of the lives that God brought around me and continues to use to shape me into a better man than I could ever be alone. It's a powerful reminder that God cares far too much for me to let me ruin my life with my own decisions, but instead works faithfully to direct my steps down a path that leads to me being a God-focused man. It reinforces the simple truth that Pastor Patrick Morley shares in his books: "Because God is good, your life will not turn out like you planned." I'm forever grateful that God didn't abandon me to my own decision-making and poorly guided plan of life. I know that I am far from being complete, but I have greater confidence in this path from Him than I do in my ability to forge an independent life journey.

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