Sunday, July 13, 2014


There is a word that I caution people not to use when they are dealing with conflict or going through counseling. It is the word, "always" as in "You always say that" or "You always ignore me!" It can be a very unhealthy word in conflict resolution and can come across as extremely accusatory. When used in the wrong context it's a word without patience and grace. Even if it's used in a positive light, it's not completely accurate since none of us are constant enough in our reactions and character to make this 100% true.

I do know that it is a word that I can use to describe God. His nature does not change and His desire to rescue His children never fades. He has promised to be our refuge and that if we are faithful enough to ask for help He will answer. God doesn't necessarily answer in my timing or in the fashion that I would hope, but I do know with complete certainty that He will not abandon His people. When we accept that truth, there is peace that comes with a sense of certainty.

We sang a song today called, "Always" that speaks of that confidence and that God will always hold to His promises. I watched as people were deeply moved by the words of this song, not because of the excellence of the band, but because of the truth of the words that were sung. They resonate deeply within us as we all need a promise to hang onto when our circumstances seem to be constantly shifting. When we say that God will always be there for us it changes our outlook and lets us know where to go in our time of need.

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