Monday, July 7, 2014

Forward Focused

My office is a testimony to things in my past that are important to me. I have pictures and memorabilia of my time at Mainland High School, my first ministry position at Tomoka Christian Church, and special family moments. All of these collectible items might not mean much to anyone else, but they are extremely valuable to me. I enjoy the feelings that these things evoke and the memories of times shared with good friends that come to mind whenever I see them. As much as I treasure the past, however, I know that I must look to the future if I want to develop as a leader and mature as a person.

We didn't arrive where we are today without the influence of our life history. Unfortunately, we get stuck when we only look at the past and reminisce about the glory days. We have to train ourselves to appreciate our life experiences while looking ahead at our next steps of change and growth. It's an understanding that our history serves to give us momentum towards an even better future. 

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