Monday, July 28, 2014

Ready for More

We all possess finite amounts of energy: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Our pattern of life demands that we pour out our energy reserves in various places. Many times we get to choose where we will invest our energies for the best possible impact, but there are also times when the circumstances dictate how our personal reserves are spent. The truth is that whether it is through the day-to-day pace of life or unexpected, unique situations, we will eventually run out of energy. People that are healthier (from a holistic perspective) are those that recognize when their levels are low and know what to do to replenish them.

To maximize our potential we need to be honest enough with ourselves to see when we have exhausted our capabilities. We also need to be self-aware enough to know what to do to fill ourselves back up. It's a wise person who not only correctly identifies a deficiency, but who also takes the time to work to refill their empty tanks of personal strength.

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