Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's Changed?

Here's a simple yet powerful truth: If Jesus Christ is alive then everything changes.

A man who can accurately predict his death and resurrection demands our attention. While it's driven by our faith in its veracity, it is so much more. The physical evidence of Jesus coming back to life is overwhelming if you take the time to examine it. There are eye-witness accounts that corroborate His demise and hundreds more (not just His inner circle of friends either) that will confirm His presence after death. If these are all true, then we are left with the choice of investigating what that means for us or rejecting the idea entirely. If we accept the truth of the resurrection then we need to recognize that other things change as a result of this catalytic event.

We are exploring that very idea this week at CIY Move in Tennessee. It's a simple premise that causes us to ask a personal question. If this is true, what changes in us? Are we willing to answer that? Are we willing to seek out personal change or can we convince ourselves that everything is fine the way it is?

I can imagine what path I would be on if I could not stand on this truth. I can attest to my life being entirely different because Jesus is alive. There is no other way to explain the gift of this life I have been honored to receive.

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