Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pour It Out

Our staff attended the Drive Conference at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA this past week. We were incredibly blessed by all of their staff and volunteers and their willingness to share for the sake of God's Church continuing to grow. This mutual investment is part of their organizational culture and was evident in every area we went. I heard a fantastic analogy about this from one of their leaders while we there: North Point has had their "cup" filled by God with creativity & vision and they feel it it their job to pour that out into whoever is willing to bring a cup and ask.

I think that should be part of the culture of all of our churches and on a bigger scale as part of our life philosophy. This creates an intentional life-to-life mentoring that develops our community. It involves men, women, teens, couples, families, life groups, and churches. It returns us to the idea that we should be working together to provide the best possible outcomes & puts it into practice by willingly and lovingly investing in the people around us.

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