Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hitting It Right

I have a sweet spot. Some may disagree with that assessment, but they would be misinterpreting my intent. I'm not referring to my disposition, but to the part of me that includes my talents and abilities. It's my natural wiring from God and what He has created me to do best. When I operate from my strengths I tend to be the most fulfilled, challenged, engaged, and energetic. There's no feeling quite like being able to use your gifting in the right way. That sweet spot was where I felt all morning as I spent time with good friends and leaders strategizing the future of ministry and the best way to impact our community.

When people don't know what their "sweet spot" is they struggle through day-to-day life searching for purpose and connection. If they are lucky they might stumble on it and then continue to feed that gifting without a great understanding of what's happening. The best scenario is when we take the time to discover how we work and then invest the time in developing those gifts so they can be used in the best possible way. There is nothing quite as fulfilling as understanding what you were created for and being able to thrive in those strengths.

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