Sunday, March 10, 2013

Share the Message

For Easter this year, our church is doing something different by hosting one large service (instead of multiple services) and by having it at the Centennial Center at GCSU here in town. Our prayer is that 2000 people will attend--not so that we can boast about the number, but so that we might potentially reach people who wouldn't come to a church building on Easter. It's a bit of a risk, but we're trusting in God to fill the building through the faithful efforts of His people. It will take an evangelistic attitude from each of us to make it a reality and I know that the simple act of inviting someone to church (especially something this unique) will bring a positive result. If we believe that Jesus is the only true hope for the world we have no other true alternative but to share that message with our community. I guarantee that some people are simply waiting for the invitation to be extended and for someone to show that they care enough to ask.

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