Saturday, March 2, 2013

In It Together

I hung out at a church basketball gym this morning that was packed with parents & children taking part in the Upwards basketball program. As part of their emphasis on a Christ-centered life they ask different people to give a devotional thought at halftime of the games. I got there early and spent time walking around talking to people from the community before sharing a brief devotion. One of the leaders of Upward thanked me several times for our church taking part in the weekend and while I was appreciative, I simply replied that we were all focused on the same target of seeing our community changed for Christ.

That is what it is going to take for transformation in Milledgeville or any other community for that matter. We need to see that we are in this together. We will have to set aside prejudice, selfish pride, apathy, and territorial issues to work in unity. It will take bold initiatives that refuse to ignore the state of our community, but insist in taking a stand with genuine compassion. We can't choose to neglect difficult situations just because they present a challenge and we can't wait for someone else to fix it for us. If we have any amount of time invested in this town then we have contributed to its current status. It's only going to improve if we unify with the common goal of seeing God's healing and revival in full force.

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