Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good Enough

I confess that I struggle with the idea of being "good enough." It's a performance based affliction rooted in my childhood and continuing to spill over into my adult relationships and career. It becomes a constant effort of trying to measure up to a standard of excellence to find personal affirmation. Even though no one else may be validating these thoughts it becomes powerful enough to enslave us to an ideal that is beyond our reach. Not only is this potentially damaging in our personal life, it can also negatively impact our relationship with Christ. This misconception develops a skewed Christian value system erroneously based on the strength of our performance. It's a good thing that Jesus makes a habit out of turning our value systems upside down.

In Romans 5:8, Paul writes that Christ chose to die for us while we were still sinners. This is a humbling relief for all of us. God chose to save us before we could be "good enough." He doesn't wait for us to get things right before we choose to follow Him, but He paved the way for us to join in on the path of righteousness when we didn't deserve it. He chose to love us in our messy imperfection--and still does. Instead of being a God who says, "Get clean & then I'll help you," He says, "Let me help you get clean." 

That's a God I want to follow and a God that's worth sharing. 

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