Friday, March 1, 2013

Frightful Future

As an incredibly blessed father of three girls, I recognize the need to spend time with each of them. We do lots of different things together as a family, but I also work to carve out special individual time. I took my oldest daughter out for coffee today to take advantage of a (mostly) day off. We hadn't done this in a while and we had some things we needed to talk about. She is a freshman in high school and we realize that the teenage years won't be with us for long. As we enjoyed the Starbucks ambiance and our caffeinated beverages, we talked about upcoming trips and the things we could do help her prepare for college. She readily admitted that she wasn't quite ready for that leap yet and the thought of the future actually scared her a bit. My first responsive thought was to say, "Me too kiddo."

The future is a bit scary. I don't know that what we have done as parents is going to be good enough to prepare our girls for what we will face. I have no idea what the specific details of God's plan for our family are--I don't even know what house we will be living in by summertime at this point. There is so much in front of us that is risky, adventure filled, and generally unknown. The good news is that we follow the lead of a Master who promises to bring us the best and to work all things out for our good as a reflection of our love for Him and His for us. When you trust the One who is leading, the future is still unknown, but not quite as frightening.

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