Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Acting Out

Regret can be a powerful motivational tool, but it can also paralyze us as we become consumed with the fantasy of things that should-have-been. When we are consumed with regret, we get to decide whether we drown under a wave of shame at our failings or if we will declare that our lives will be different from this point on. It won't always be as smooth of a journey as we would like to believe, but the change we are seeking begins with the first intentional step in a positive direction. Sometimes the best initial decision is to start acting like the person we want to become. As we continue to do the things that reflect who we want to be our habits will be reshaped and eventually our character is transformed as well. 

We will indubitably struggle in the early stages of these new behaviors, but we will perceive a gradual shift in life philosophy and personality as we commit to this preferred future. It's the decision to move from a written wish list to putting them into practice that delivers the transformation we seek.

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