Monday, March 11, 2013

The Real Deal

Our life group was talking about the growth of Northridge and how God is continuing to do big things. We talked about things that brought us all to the church and for each of us the reason was different. It included moving from out of state, being invited by a friend, growing up in the church, and settling there after doing some "church shopping." The one characteristic that people said helped to keep them there was that the leaders of our church were real. There was never any feeling of putting on a show or creating a facade of having it all together. People feel that the leaders of the church are able to admit their struggles and that this helped to create a sense of belonging as we all worked to move forward on this journey of faith.

That's what God wants His Church to be. It should be a safe place to be transparent about our weaknesses--not to boast about them, but to highlight our desperate need for God's strength and grace. When the Church is willing to be that genuine it will attract people who are tired of artificial substitutes for living faith.

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