Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Story Time: Tell It Well

I am a fan of a good story. A book that spins a good tale will find it's way onto my "to-read-again" list (and that doesn't happen often.) A movie that captures my emotions and challenges my thoughts will be added to my collection. I love to hear other people tell the story of how they came to be who they are & where they are today. Sadly, I don't think we stop frequently enough to tell these tales because we forget how significant they are.

Our stories are powerful and we should be willing to share them. For the greatest impact we need to work to develop the art of story-telling. Nothing is as powerful as a personal tale of redemption, sorrow, tragedy, and triumph. When we are passionately engaged with other people in the middle of their story it develops genuine community. It can be a lost art in the middle of our social networking Twitterific lifestyle. 

Are you willing to tell your tale? When it's intended for mutual benefit and not individual bragging, it's worth the energy.

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