Saturday, March 1, 2014

Never The Same

A group of dedicated guys met at our church today to put playground equipment together for our children's ministries. We were combining a few different pieces and nothing was brand new. It had been part of our previous playground or was donated by generous people. While we were able to get the equipment together we did discover one fundamental truth. Once something has been taken apart it never fits back together in exactly the same way.

Obviously this is true for more than swing-sets. When our choices and other life circumstances break things apart in our lives, we rarely return to our old state. Relationships that have been restored never mirror what they used to be. Places of authority and reputations never snap back to their original position. Our self esteem isn't the same after a difficult personal interaction. Our mind & spirit don't operate on the same plane as they used to after periods of refining.

The good news is that we don't have to look weathered and beaten up like old playground equipment. When our confidence and hope are in God we actually become better than we used to be. God will work through our life situations (and often orchestrate them) to take broken pieces and re-purpose them into something whole and beautiful. 

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