Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moving in the Right Direction

I love my Franklin Planner. I was introduced to it by Don Meyer, then coach of the Lipscomb University men's basketball team. He was so hooked on them that he had his players use them as well. It has become a key part of my organizational strategy even as I've increased my technology usage. Part of this is my desire to keep focused on task lists and marching towards goals. Unfortunately, I have many days where my planner is filled out with unfinished objectives. My wife says suggested that I wait until the end of the day to fill it out and then just write in what I did that day. I might have a greater sense of accomplishment this way, but in reality wouldn't be moving forward.

This battle of working fervently and yet feeling like many things are unfinished raises a lot of questions. I can do a lot in one day but I am doing the things they really matter? Am I doing what can only be done today? Do my accomplishments move me forward in a way that helps me grow? There are always going to be things that move me sideways instead of forward, but I need to be focused enough to maximize my forward momentum. I have a vision of my preferred future and I realize that the things I do today will be part of the fulfillment of that vision. If I can't figure out how to leverage each day in the right direction, I'm only creating a lot of energy and movement and never actually going anywhere. 

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