Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Needful Things

I have heard since I was a child that I needed to have more faith. While I understand this in principle, it still bears some thought on my part to ask the big question: what do I need faith for?
  • To keep pursuing my calling
  • To trust in my children's salvation
  • Believing that my extended family will follow Christ
  • Vision for ministry here
  • That's God's ways are best even when it seems like my prayers go unanswered
  • That God will make up the difference between my parenting skills and my hopes for our kids
  • God's revealed vision for my calling will take place in His timing and not mine
  • That God is able (and willing) to make the most terrible situation better
  • To keep my confidence in His wisdom when my circumstances don't make sense
  • Regardless of my foolish actions (and reactions) God still sees me as His son
Do you know what you need faith for? It might help to know the details as we ask for an increase in faith.

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