Friday, March 28, 2014

Family Values

I've been reading stories in the Old Testament of good leaders and those who were far from good. God made certain promises concerning the consequences of decisions and He always fulfills His promises. Evil, self-centered leaders made decisions that benefited them directly, but dishonored God and brought destruction on the people they were leading. In each circumstance, it was the family of the leader who ended up suffering as well. Entire generations of people were wiped out by ruthless enemies or were oppressed and enslaved. These people were paying for the sins of their family leaders.

The decisions that we make as leaders will directly affect our family. We might convince ourselves that our career and family are two separate environments, but there is no way to have 100% clear division between the two. Choosing to act selfishly or unethically will directly impact our home life and the legacy we leave for our children. The poor decisions (often sinful) we make will affect our relationships and the faith & hope of our future generations.

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