Friday, February 28, 2014

A Little Out There

Sandy Alderson, the general manager of my New York Mets, set a goal of 90 wins for the team this year. That's a fairly audacious aspiration since we haven't sniffed the playoffs in several years and have only averaged a win total in the 70's recently. Some people are calling his statement ridiculous and foolish, but there is some sense to his declaration. Setting a goal that will take hard work and favorable circumstances can be an effective way to motivate and inspire players. It's certainly better than setting an objective of mediocrity.

What goals are we setting for ourselves? Are they easily attainable? Are they worth it if they can be reached without a combination of disciplined effort and time? There is some wisdom in putting manageable steps into lofty goals, but to challenge ourselves and grow we should shoot a little higher than what we've done in the past. Stretching to reach a new height can bring about new gains in personal strength and maturity as well as uniting a team with a common focus.

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