Sunday, July 7, 2013

This Time

Who knows exactly why we are here right now? It's obviously ordained as God's will (whether we recognize God's deft orchestrations or not doesn't negate His plan) but there are also valid reasons why we are in this moment. I firmly believe that if we are willing to ask God (and quietly wait for His response) that He will give us an answer. A dilemma exists when we drift through our existence without paying attention to the grander purpose we've been created for.

Far too many people choose to be oblivious to the way our lives rub against each other creating friction that alters our shape and ultimately our identity. Ask God to open your eyes to see who He has placed around you to influence and be influenced by. Willingly seek opportunities to make an impact in your community as you live boldly. Step up to lead and be part of the active movement of God's church in this moment and location. Open your ears to hear & answer the relentless call of a King that longs to involve His people in a revolution to redeem a lost and broken world.

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