Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Living on the Edge

Do you remember the warnings from cautious mothers-don't get to close to the edge! I remember walking along the wall next to a river or a canal and my mother hollering out this caution. In my years of mission trips to Arizona this was a common utterance from the mothers on our trip to our young, acrobatic team members climbing in the canyons. They were really only trying to keep us safe. Their intent wasn't to hold us back, but simply reflected the fact that they didn't want us to fall & be hurt.

As we get older we forget to have people around us who can warn us about the edge. We dance up to the point of danger and still need people in our life who can pull us back from the point of harm. As we fill our schedules we get far too close to the edge of temptation, burnout, selfish pride, foolishness, and financial ruin. Without proper balance & someone watching out for our safety we will fall. Just like a fall from a great height the abrupt stop might damage us severely or it can take our life. 

It's not worth the risk to find out if we can survive the impact. Just because God can restore our broken pieces doesn't mean we ignore wisdom & common sense and dance on the edge of the cliff of personal destruction.

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