Saturday, July 6, 2013

Better Together

I feel more tired than I think I should today. It has been a full slate of events--at least through lunchtime. I was up early today and met a good friend for breakfast giving us a chance to talk and share with each other. I then worked with a crew to help move a colleague into their new house (which we finished about two hours ahead of expected.) When I came home I finished the yard work that my wife had begun that morning even though she honestly did the lion's share of it.

It might seem like a day with unconnected events, but all three things point to the need for someone else in our life. We need other people to be part of our personal development. We need a group of people who are willing to work together around a common cause. We need a life companion who will help us on this journey as we share in the hard work and endurance life requires to succeed. I'm tired at the end of this Saturday, but also deeply satisfied in the relationships that I am blessed to have as part of my life.

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