Sunday, July 28, 2013

Full Day

The day has been full as the schedule has been packed and emotions have ranged from sorrow to frustration and to elation. It has been marked by incredibly sweet gestures in honor of a godly man who has passed to heaven. It has been filled with hugs from people who have been gone from the church & are returning to reaffirm their commitment. The day held the excitement of a young lady who couldn't wait to be baptized and commit her life to Christ. It was the prayer of a recently engaged young couple for God's blessing as they begin this journey of life together. The day was marked by investing in other people through prayer & guidance. It ended with a gathering of 30 people on our quiet lake property with simple worship & a comforting word.

Each day holds the promise of being this full. Open your eyes to look for the possibilities and don't dismiss the potential opportunities when they present themselves. Life will be more full and more rewarding if we do.

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