Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Once a Year

I don't usually do a lot of celebrating on my birthday. It's not because I refuse to acknowledge my
age, but simply because I don't want a fuss made over me. I love to spoil other people and make a big deal over their special days, but I am usually content to pass through my own with little to no fanfare. This year seems different to me however and it is causing me to reflect a bit more on the life that I have been blessed to lead. As my Facebook notifications blow up with birthday wishes, I am drawn to the stories that I share with each person and their genuine affections for me. Each year that passes reminds me of how incredibly blessed I am with family, friends, and sojourners on this path of life. Forty-two years is worth celebrating when it allows me to have the people in my life that God has brought to me.

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