Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Many baseball players will tell you that what separates a decent batter from a great batter is the ability to hit the curveball. Lots of players can connect when the ball is straight and even at high
speeds they can eventually catch up to it. It takes patience, an adjusted swing, and quick recognition to put the ball in play. If you don't make the necessary alterations to your timing then you can be assured of seeing curveballs more frequently.

Sometimes it seems that your own life throws you a lot of curveballs. It feels like every little thing is more difficult than it should be and there are layers of complications to even the most mundane tasks. Plans go awry and just when it seems like you might catch a break you find yourself falling flat on your face.

The principles of success in life really aren't that different from baseball. You've got to call a brief timeout to catch your breath and regain your focus. Once you realize that things coming at you won't be at the same pace or intensity you can make the necessary spiritual, emotional, and mental adjustments to find success. It's not easy (I know I couldn't hit a real curveball) but with concentration, practice, and a peaceful mindset you will find they don't catch you off guard as much as they used to.

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