Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boiling Point

I don't always express my frustration well. My level of dissatisfaction and poor management can make this difficult as situations & circumstances seem to exponentially explode. I have learned (through very tough lessons) how to handle it better than I used to, but I still have to remind myself to respond in healthier ways.

How should we handle inevitable frustration?
  • Pray: God will see things that we can't and understands how this scenario plays into His plan to continue to develop us. Seek His peace that passes our ability to understand.
  • Practice humility: You might find that you are part of your own frustration level. Don't elevate yourself above others and think that you are not part of the problem.
  • Gain perspective: There are always things that we don't completely understand. Take a deep breath and step back to see things differently. You might discover there is very little substance to your frustration.
  • Ask if an attitude shift or a circumstance adjustment is needed: Frustration may be alleviated by a change in ourselves before we seek to change what is causing the friction.
  • Clearly communicate: This is best done outside of the inflammatory emotion of the moment. Once you are able to process things calmly use an economy of words & deeds to helpfully express your thoughts.
  • Move on: Sometimes the best advice is to simply get over yourself. It's amazing how quickly some frustration goes away if we decide to not let it affect us.
It's inevitable that we will all be frustrated with people and events. Not allowing it to overwhelm and incapacitate us is the key to survival.

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