Monday, June 2, 2014

Tough (But Necessary) Questions

My blog yesterday focused on the need to see the evidence of life change if it is truly taking effect. It actually led me to be fairly introspective in my own journey of transformation. I realized that I often say that I am a changed man, but where's the real proof?

  • Where is my temperament different? 
  • What do I allow my thoughts to settle on? 
  • How are my reactions different? 
  • How have my priorities been shifted? 
  • How have my values been realigned? 
  • Where am I committing my resources?
  • What commitments do I make and how do I maintain them?
  • In what positive ways do I look at people differently?
  • Where is it evident that I trust God more?

I have to ask these intrusive, personal questions if I expect to measure the pace of my own transformation. I would encourage anyone who really wants to be different to figure out what they need to ask to gauge their own progress.

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