Thursday, June 26, 2014

Off Target

We might think that we have a good idea of what we're aiming at and still not make a direct hit. Unfortunately, we can end up being close to what we think is right and even have some measure of success without being right on target. This is a false positive that can blind us from making the right course correction. Sadly, it eventually leads to us saying, "But I thought things were going so well!" when it collapses due to improper aim.

Are we missing the mark with the way we are doing church? Are we focused on the things that God wants us to be focused on or are we following our desires for church? Whose metric are we using to measure our success-our own devised system or God's Holy Spirit? We can put our focus in a lot of very good things and yet end up missing the true target.

What about our families? Are we letting the culture around us dictate what a healthy, successful family looks like or will we determine that vision by where God leads us to utilize our energies & resources? It's imperative that we strive to get this right or we will raise children who are unclear about what matters most.

These are two essential areas for me to focus on in my life. These are where I spend the most time and where the greatest danger of poor aim exist. It's also where the potential for damage from being off target will be most evident if I can't gain the proper perspective.

Measuring our effectiveness by anything other than God is only setting us up for false success and lack of fulfillment.

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