Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Enemy of My Own Success

We have an old white-furred dog that is a bit nervous. He cringes when you walk by (even though we only pet him and treat him well) and is one the smelliest dogs that I have been around. He has weird nervous habits as well, especially relating to his dog pillows. He will scratch at them and pull them around the room trying to find the best spot possible. Many times he will spend 15 minutes moving it from room to room only to end up exactly where he started his journey. The funniest thing to watch is when he is standing in the middle of his pillow working hard to move it only to finally give up and lay down when it doesn't go anywhere. Unfortunately, he isn't bright enough to realize he is his own worst enemy in this endeavor.

How many times are we the biggest obstacle to the change we are looking for? How often are our own habits, hang-ups, and past decisions the very thing that keep us rooted in one place? If we are wise enough to see it ourselves or humble enough to let someone tell us, we can get out of our own way long enough for motion to happen.


  1. So true. I especially like the part about humbling ourselves enough to let someone tell us. Powerful my friend.

    1. It's an area that I have struggled in for many years--realizing that I am the one holding back my potential for change. Thank goodness I've had people who were willing to tell me even when I wasn't receptive to it at the time.