Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Standing Tall

My uncle Bob passed away today. His body had become too weak to bounce back from treatments and surgery. He has suffered from multiple physical ailments since I have known him and this last one become too much for him to overcome. The powerful balance to his weak physical form was in his tremendously strong spirit. His inner confidence came directly from his relationship with Jesus Christ and the passionate desire to share that hope with others. He was a faithful, praying man who was unapologetic and yet unobtrusive about his convictions. He carried himself with a strength of heart that belied his failing body and continued to serve and share until his last breath here with us. Uncle Bob's longevity-not just in years, but in steadfast commitment to Christ and family-will be a testimony of his life and an example for the rest of us to live up to. I can speak with 100% complete confidence when I say that he is now perfectly healed and in heaven. His witness will stand as tall as he is finally able to do again now.

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