Saturday, June 21, 2014

Finding the Good

When our minds and hearts are open to receive it, we can find good in any situation. My quick trip to Florida for my uncle's funeral provided several of those moments even as we all mourned his passing.
  • Conversations with my wife as we drove: some serious and thought-provoking while others fairly mundane, but all appreciated
  • Dinner and breakfast at two of our favorite places to eat
  • Watching the sun come up over the ocean
  • A great sense of peace in being back in my hometown even just for 24 hours
  • The perfect timing of God that let us have a great lunch with my mom & Mario
  • Time to talk with my aunt on the phone and in person 
  • Big hugs from so many family members that I haven't seen in several years
  • Hearing about the impact my uncle had on so many lives both young and old
  • Running into a parent of former youth ministry members who still talk about the impact God had on their lives when we served together
  • A chance to share the legacy of a godly man and speak the truth of Christ to family members
Even in difficult emotional times God shows us the good that is around us if we are willing to look. 

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