Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Whatever It Takes

Life does not work out exactly as predicted. I suppose that other people find themselves more firmly entrenched on their projected life path, but I doubt that many of us are exactly where we intended to be. Financial markets crash, we receive an unexpected diagnosis, children make very poor choices, jobs are lost, and other tragedies ensue. These are big events that can easily derail our intended life trajectory. This doesn't just pertain to the "big vision" for our life either. Often the smaller details of projects and desires don't end up where you wanted them to be either. Tasks become much more difficult than first imagined and firm planning becomes much more unstable. It can be very unsettling when it seems as if this happens all at once.

I wish that I could share four easy steps to make sure these things don't happen, but there aren't any easy solutions. We do have the power to choose our reaction. We can allow unexpected occurrences (both big and small) to derail our vision or we can decide to adjust and overcome. When it is something that is incredibly important to us we approach it with tenacity and focus. We decide that what we are doing (short term and long term) is valuable enough to do whatever it takes to see it survive and succeed. It's this attitude that enables us to overcome obstacles and stay focused on a positive end result. 

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