Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fuzzy Future Vision

ESPN has a unique game on their website called, Streak for the Cash. It's an interactive event where you predict the outcome of various sporting events and try to build a winning streak. There is a cash reward at the end of the month for the longest active streak and for the most "wins" in a month. I don't participate in it regularly, but was a bit more active in it when it first began.

I consider myself fairly educated in most sporting events and thought that I might be able to rattle off a predictive winning streak. Sadly, my general enthusiasm for sports didn't translate into a pattern of fortune-telling. I never accurately predicted more than 5-6 in a row and my overall record is hovering right around the .500 mark. In theory, I would have just as much success flipping a coin as I do trying to figure out who will win the next event.

The truth is that we live in a world of uncertainty. We do not know what will happen next. We can predict some small things, but no one knows when a diagnosis of cancer will hit us, when tragedy will strike, or when seemingly stable things become volatile. I can allow myself to get frustrated by my poor forecasting or I can recognize my limitations and place my confidence where it belongs. The only accurate predictor of the future is God and since He is never caught off guard it would benefit me to trust Him with my present and my future. I certainly can't guarantee what will happen beyond this immediate moment, but I can at least be comforted in being close to the One that knows and works for my good.

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