Thursday, June 12, 2014

Known: Making God Known

We wrapped up our week of camp tonight by focusing our campers on how they can make God known in their own world. It might seem like a daunting task to a middle schooler (and an adult) but God promises that we won't have to do this on our own. He asks us to bring what we have to Him: our imperfect talents, personal flaws, overwhelming history, and insecurities and let Him use them.

We might think that these won't be enough to do anything, but God doesn't ask us to be any more than we are. He has a deep, passionate desire to take what we have-what He's given us-and do more with it than we could on our own. We are the ones that have to decide if we will trust His power more than our own. There's no other way for us to have maximum impact without the power that He brings and the perfection that He matches with our imperfection.

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