Saturday, June 28, 2014

All By Myself

Maintaining our character and holding to our values is not easily done alone. We might have the willpower and the plan to succeed for a while, but trying to maintain focus without accountability and support becomes increasingly difficult over time. We will all have moments of weakness and temptation where our supply of willpower seems to have run low. When we are in isolation we are more likely to choose poorly. In fact, sometimes we choose isolation because of the decisions that we have been making or anticipate making. The truth is that isolation is the enemy of accountability. Removing ourselves from the company of like-minded people eliminates the guardrails that help keep us on the safe path of decision making.

All of us need a dedicated community of people around us for support, strength, and reminders of what is most important. It's in the honest togetherness of genuine relationships that we find the courage to keep making right decisions. 

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