Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Surrender to Win

I am still processing all that I want to accomplish and how I want to grow in 2014. I know that there are others in this same position of seeking positive change & establishing new habits. I am also woefully aware of my past failings in this arena and want to make sure that I don't fall short again this year. As I meditate on what I hope to see take place, I realize that my best chance of success actually comes from my willingness to surrender. I don't mean that I should give up, but that I should surrender myself to God's will, direction, and power. It's in my desire to cede control to Him that I can truly be able to find the consistent success that I am searching for. This doesn't mean that I will sit back and do nothing to work towards my objectives, but that it will be fueled by the Perfect One who never changes.

I offer this simple prayer below as a help to me (and others) in an effort to surrender:

Lord Jesus, I need You in my life now more than I ever have. I have very little joy, peace, and passion in my life. I confess that I have been trying to have the best of both worlds, that I have been double minded, and that I have been seeking the God I have wanted and not the God who is. I am so sorry, and I repent. Please forgive me. Thank You for loving me so much that You would die for all my sins so that I can have eternal life. Make me into the kind of man I've been striving to be. Make me into the man I know that I can be with the power of Your Holy Spirit. Create the change in me that needs to take place so that I can commit my life completely to You. I pray this in Your name, Jesus, and for Your glory. Amen.*

*This prayer is adapted from Patrick Morley's book, How God Makes Men

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