Monday, January 13, 2014

Reasons Not To

Most people have something in their life that they want to change. Whether it's physical, lifestyle,
career, or circumstances there are areas of dissatisfaction and a desire for something better. Unfortunately, I see more people who are still searching for change and haven't done anything to make it a reality. I don't have all the answers, but I see several common factors that keep transformation from happening.

  • Low level of discontentment: people are not fed up enough with their current circumstances to work towards change; their personal level of desperation isn't high enough to motivate them
  • Laziness: either afraid of the hard work that is necessary to see change or just not willing to put in the sweat equity to see a difference
  • Uneducated: might be ready for a change, but don't know what direction to turn to make that difference
  • Fear: having genuine fear of what life will be like once things are different & being unwilling to pull the trigger
  • Slow pace of change: attempting change and then becoming frustrated when it doesn't happen as quickly as we would like
I can identify with each of these in some way and have used them as reasons not to pursue life change. They can all be addressed (in some fashion) by developing discipline and working to eliminate these potential excuses. As a former high school teacher of mine used to say, "Excuses are the crutches that weak people lean upon." I would say that excuses are the crutches that inhibit the potential for positive life transformation. Refuse to accept them as reality and move forward. 

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