Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Best

I believe that 2014 is the most important year of my life. I don't have any special insight or prophetic vision for the future that guarantees that, but I still believe it to be so. This is my most important year to become more mature as a follower of Christ, to increase my devotion to my wife & children, and to become a more effective leader and pastor. This year holds tremendous promise and potential for the greatest interaction with God that I have experienced to this point in my life. I can accomplish more than I ever have before and see my faith progress in greater ways as I increase my discipline and devotion to what matters most.

There is nothing magical about 2014 other than the fact that it is the year that I have to work with. I won't ever get to repeat this year and once these specific moments have passed they are gone forever. It is the most important year because it's the one that I have. Approaching this year with that attitude guarantees that I won't casually pass through opportunities for personal growth. It helps me stay focused on the power of the moment and the seize the potential God places in front of me.

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