Wednesday, January 15, 2014


"Insecurity makes you do things that aren't good." Bill Romanowski

I hadn't ever thought of it in that way before, but when I heard this quote on the radio I realized how true it was. He was describing the actions of Alex Rodriguez who is currently suspended for the entire 2014 baseball season for steroid issues. Bill was asked what he thought about the situation and responded with that simple, insightful statement. 

When we are unsure of our own identity and unable to accurately assess ourselves, we struggle with insecurity. While I know very few people who don't have issues with it in some way, it can become an impetus for stupidity when it is uncontrolled. It can lead you to:

  • Seek affection from someone that isn't your spouse
  • Cheat to get ahead at work
  • Constantly speak poorly about other people
  • Disregard other people's feelings for personal satisfaction
  • Abandon all principles of character to create an illusion of confidence
  • Cling to a lie(s) for so long that you've convinced yourself it's the truth
  • Destroy personal relationships-even those that want to help you

We all battle issues with insecurity on some level. The big question is whether you will admit it and work to create a positive, accurate self image or continue to spiral downwards in a destructive cycle of blame and hurt. It's best to realize it before the damage is too extensive and you are unable to see the truth for yourself.


  1. Ouch. Good stuff Craig. Very thought provoking.

    1. Ouch was my initial response when I heard the quote too. It certainly made me think about insecurity as a motivating factor for many things that I have done. Thanks for reading my friend! Hope you are all well.