Thursday, January 2, 2014


A new year holds the promise of doing things differently. It speaks of the potential of being someone different and not being held captive by old patterns of thought and behavior. It is the anticipation of an unwritten story that we have the opportunity to craft out of our discipline and desires. It offers hope that we won't have to marked by the past year, but can change that nature of our character through God's divine power.

It's the idea of a new beginning that is so attractive to each of us. Will we trust God enough in 2014 to see it become a reality? Will we seek the vision of a preferred future and match it with daily decision making and perseverance so it comes to fruition? Will we trust that God's definition of "new" is richer than our own?

We won't be transformed at the end of this year if we only talk about it or write it down. Start with crafting the vision for improvement, develop a plan for action, pray diligently as if it will only happen through God's power, and work as if the outcome depends on you.

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