Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Calling someone subversive doesn't sound like a positive description--certainly not one that should identify a pastor or a Christ follower. It instantly makes you think of someone who abandons teamwork and discards unity. It brings to mind someone that can't be trusted because they aren't working towards the same goal as everyone else. How does our viewpoint change if we realize how subversive the message of Christ really is? What if our understanding of the word is skewed?

Understanding that we are called to be subversive as a Christ follower requires an incredible shift in our thinking. We have to recognize that we are not called to blindly follow and agree to a worldly system that is in opposition to God's direction. Jesus himself came to work against an established system of religion and government. At the same time He brought about a new covenant that changed everything we thought we knew about a relationship with God. He was subversive in a peaceful way that is still changing a world of hate through deep actions of love. 

Don't rebel against the authority God has placed over you, but instead work to see God's system of love & compassion overtake what the world offers. Refuse to accept methods and a mindset that works in opposition to God's plan for influencing the world. Be zealous in your efforts to create change but work to do so through in actions of peace and confidence in our ability to overcome through Christ. 

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