Friday, January 24, 2014

The Tale of Success

There are many successful leaders that I look up to. I admire the organizations that they lead and the scope of their influence. I will even admit to a bit of covetous curiosity as I see what they accomplish and the impact they are able to have through their efforts. I admire their innovation and how it appears that so much of what they do brings tangible, positive results. 

There is nothing wrong with appreciating what these leaders are doing, but if I only pay homage to their current level of visible success I am neglecting the hard work that got them to this point. No one who is prosperous (financially or relationally) reached that level without enduring hardships, learning from failure, and persevering through tough times. A happy marriage, a thriving church, a profitable business, an influential mentor, and a winning coach all have definable successes. They each also have stories of striving through difficulties to be where they are today. 

Admire and respect what you see in front of you in the present, but understand that the hard lessons of the past were essential in the process. When you are seeking this same level of prosperity make sure you are ready to endure the tough trials that make it a reality.

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