Thursday, January 16, 2014

Changing View

It's amazing to me how the passage of time can change your point of view. Events that once seemed monumental are no longer as significant and circumstances that seemed insurmountable are easily forgotten. Even our perception of an environment can be radically altered with a shift of priorities and perspective.

My wife and I just experienced this today. We looked at a potential house for us to move to after our current lease is up-a house that we looked at a little over two years ago. I distinctly remember that we both were very certain that this house would be too small for us and would not work at all for our family. It was very interesting today as we walked through it and become excited about the potential. While it's not perfect (what is?) we could see our family there and quickly imagined how to arrange the space to work for our family.

We both laughed as we talked about our views shifting in the last two years. It has been a process of embracing minimalism and reorganizing what matters most to us. There are now certain things that we are unwilling to use our resources on because of our desire to use them in other places. For us it's a sign of maturity and a realignment of values that brought about this change. It's a change in vision that God is bringing about as He continues to prepare us for our future.

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