Tuesday, January 7, 2014


What do I have to lose?
We often ask this question when we are thinking about taking a risk. We ask it in a passing fashion without really stopping to answer the question, but cursorily dismissing the possible risks and simply forging ahead. I'm not opposed to risk taking (in fact, it's the only way to see truly great things happen) but there is wisdom in stopping to ask what we could potentially lose with this choice. Are we really taking a leap of faith that will bring growth & benefit or are we simply pursuing selfish ambition & satisfaction?

With some decisions, we can lose everything that matters to us:
  • Financial stability
  • Our marriages
  • The respect of our children
  • Trust
  • Confidence in our faith
  • The right to speak with wisdom
  • The right to lead
Be wise in your decision-making. Don't let people influence you who don't have the same things to lose that you do. Make sure that God is the one guiding you to take a risk of faith. Understand that there will be consequences for all decisions (both good and bad) and be sure you're ready to face them as a result of your choice. Know what it is that you have to lose & make the right move before taking the leap. 

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